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Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP)

    Job Location: Kozhikode
    Job Type: Full Time
    Salary: Competitive

    Responsible for the HR management of each academic division (Online, Residential, Non-Residential) providing all support for aligning HR initiatives and functions in line with the organizational objectives and business needs.

    Onboarding and Induction

    • Execute onboarding and induction program effectively, manage as per induction calendar. Provide Welcome Kit, welcome new employees, introduce team members
    • Ensure basic policies, company operations, and introduction to the organization are explained
    • Ensure the emails are sent with information about the company and position, including work schedules, dress code
    • Complete new joiner paperwork, statutory forms, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements
    • Coordinate company presentations and product demos, provide brief introductions on various departments of the organization
    • Ensure employees are informed about their first tasks
    • Ensure new hires have technical assistance to properly set up their hardware and software and access to manuals, passwords, and guidelines, as needed
    • Coordinate with functional heads and immediate supervisor for delivering onboarding and induction
    • Ensure clear communication of roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations to new joiners through goal setting process
    • At the end of the onboarding and induction process, collect feedback from new joiners and stakeholders to measure the effectiveness of the process
    • Conduct confirmation appraisals for new joiners at the end of the probation period

    Employee Engagement and Employee Welfare

    • Work closely with employees to improve work relationships, build morale and increase productivity and retention
    • Execute HR programs as per the annual budget and plan
    • Ensuring clear, timely, and effective communication of the latest organizational updates, HR policy introduction, changes, etc
    • Organize meetings at various levels with employees on a weekly, monthly basis to understand employee challenges, aspirations, concerns, etc, and take action accordingly,
    • Identify training needs for teams and individuals, Execute programs such as Rewards and Recognition, and employee satisfaction surveys, conduct group connects, one on one meetings, create feedback mechanisms, use effective governance mechanisms for managing employee attendance, performance, attrition, training, etc
    • Understand people-related issues & challenges by collecting inputs on the issues/ feedback from employees. Support in handling employee grievances
    • Ensure communication of key messages reaches staff
    • Maintain positive and cordial relationships with employees
    • Handle employee disciplinary matters involving Heads of the employee’s department supervisor if necessary and take appropriate measures as per HR policy

    Training and Development

    • Understand the training needs and propose training programs to management (inbound/outbound) for approval
    • On receiving approval from management, administer all training program and ensure that it is effectively delivered as per schedule and budget Ensure the training programs are conducted within the budget
    • Analyze post-training effectiveness training of employees and share data with supervisors/business heads

    Performance Management

    • Facilitate goal setting process at the beginning of every year. Document all the goal sheets agreed by employees with their reporting managers
    • Facilitate and ensure that the performance review/appraisal process is conducted in an effective and fair manner; finalize the results with Management team and announce performance appraisal results to all employees
    • Carry out Increment exercise as per internal policy
    • Execute Promotions and Succession planning program as per internal policy
    • Promote the culture of giving constructive and timely feedback
    • Assist in internal audits and prepare reports on the same
    • Identify and document the issues leading to non-performance/ unproductivity and facilitate performance improvement through training or coaching
    • Identify critical roles in collaboration with Heads of Departments and plan for succession
    • Ensure retention of high-performing and critical employees within the organization by taking proactive steps

    Compensation and Benefits

    • Receive advances, leave, Bonus, OT, and attendance reports of employees at all the outlets
    • Ensure on-time and error-free attendance and leave calculations as per internal policy and statutory requirements
    • Provide timely payroll inputs to the Payroll department for processing as per policy
    • Execute bonus/incentives/rewards and other benefits schemes as per policy
    • Follow the market trends and statutory guidelines on compensation & benefits
    • Calculate the payment towards earned leave that can be encashed by employees at the year-end

    Exit Management

    • Ensure smooth conduct of employee exit and adherence to related process
    • Review involuntary separations owing to non-performance, integrity/disciplinary issues, etc. along with functional heads

    MIS & Reporting

    • Prepare key HR Metrics including reports on the Workforce, Productivity, and Performance, Employee Engagement, Employee Welfare, Separations, Performance Management, Training and Development, Retention, etc, and share them with the HR Head.
    • Key reports on leave, Overtime, attendance, bonus, advances, etc to be shared with the Payroll team on the designated date on a monthly basis
    • Prepare Dashboard based on the above reports on a Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly basis for review and decision-making by HR Head based on the analysis and insights derived from the reports HR dashboard


    • Coordinate with Payroll and Compliance department, providing inputs on monthly basis and as required for adherence to PF, ESI, Minimum Wages, LWF, Professional Tax, Gratuity, and any other areas of compliance as per defined Act applicable to the industry
    • Maintain cordial relationships, liaison with statutory authorities and handle queries /notices and respond accordingly
    • Coordinate with the Admin department for any governance-related matters such as attendance/biometric access machines, administration-related concerns brought up by employees such as – safety/ cleanliness/cafeteria, etc.
    • Coordinate with all other departments and functions as required

    EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS – Minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience

    MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS – Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a field related to Human Resources Management, or organizational studies.


    • Business acumen
    • Digital proficiency
    • People advocacy
    • Human resource management
    • Ability to handle artificial intelligence
    • Knowledge on government regulations and policies pertaining to Labour Laws, Code on Wages, Statutory compliance etc
    • Familiarity with HR Analytics, HRMS


    • Good communication skills at multiple levels
    • Interpersonal effectiveness
    • Stress management
    • Conflict management
    • Problem-solving
    • Crisis handling
    • Planning & coordination
    • Cross-Cultural Competence
    • People management skills
    • Networking and Relationship building acumen

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