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Today, Xylem Learning App is the fastest-growing NEET, JEE, KEAM learning app in Kerala. We take pride in having best-in-class features in our app and based on our student’s feedback we are going to add more features in the coming days.

Interactive Live Classes & Recorded Sessions

700+ Hours of recorded lessons from India’s Best faculty

Concept-oriented teaching from India’s top educators, helps students to learn topics quicker and thoroughly.

Pre-recorded classes help to revise the topic constantly and to build long-lasting knowledge.


Most Powerful MCQ’s bank:

NCERT At your fingertips through topic-wise MCQs.

Up to date NEET/JEE questions, including previous year questions.

Live Doubt Clearing

Interact directly with India’s best teachers and clear your doubts.

Raise your hands, as and when you need better clarity on a topic and get answers.

Ask your questions directly to India’s Best tutors.

Discussion Board

Get more clarity on your subject as you Interact with teachers and students. Use the power of community to learn better.


Now plan your schedule with the help of our AI-Powered Time table.

Get a fully customized timetable that helps you plan better and be ready for your exams


Easily recollect and revise what you have learned with the help of handwritten notes.

Understand topics easily with the help of exclusive handwritten notes from India’s best NEET,JEE teachers. 

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